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In this weekly series, we examine the wisest, most insightful, and profound Twitter musings of our favorite Ivy scholars who also happen to play basketball.

We live in an increasingly global community—one that has generic cialis cheap clear benefits but is also placing new demands on our youth. In the face of America’s long history of isolationism, this generation is at the frontier of a new multicultural tradition. But this shift does not come without growing pains, of which Yale guard Mike Grace is all too aware. Here, he offers the primary reason why he dislikes his Spanish class:



It seems that Grace’s frustration can be traced to one of two sources. The first is the challenge to his identity. He is a “talker,” a gifted one if we are to believe his anonymously attributed quotation. But in the context of Spanish class, this self-conception is put under duress. The result, you can imagine, is the kind of self-questioning and crisis of personal identity that is so central to immigration and post-colonial works, but, in an unfamiliar, fascinating, and uniquely modern twist, a member of the prevailing culture (as opposed to the marginalized one) is the person assailed by doubt.

Of course, the other potential source of Grace’s frustration is not at all derived internally. Perhaps he has supreme confidence in the carat of his “silver tongue,” and the only reason for his vexation is that an entire population of Spanish speakers is deprived of his eloquence. As such, they cannot benefit from little edifying pearls like the following:

I’d like to think the latter reason is why Grace complains about Spanish class. It’s just funnier that way.

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