Princeton 95, Evansville 86; Tigers Advance to CBI Quarterfinals

Princeton scored 95 points, a season high, in a thrilling victory at Evansville in the first round of the CBI. (Photo Credit:

Apparently Doug Davis wants to play at least one more game as a Princeton Tiger. (And who said the CBI couldn’t be fun?)

Just over a year after he sank the buzzer beater at New Haven to send the Tigers to the big dance, Davis caught fire again, this time exploding for 31 points (a career high) as Princeton knocked off Evansville, 95-86, to advance to the quarterfinals of the College Basketball Invitational.

Davis’s offensive performance was, simply put, masterful. The Princeton senior shot 9-11 from the field, including 5-6 from beyond the arc, and was a perfect 8-8 at the line. Take a minute. Let those numbers sink in. Doug Davis only missed twice! All game! In the ADRC hdd regenerator Tools v1. 19 times he threw the ball towards the hoop! I mean, come on!

What made Davis’s night all the more impressive is that he had to go essentially shot-for-shot with Evansville gunslinger Colt Ryan, who had 29 points on 11-12 shooting from the floor. It was a high-scoring, rip-roarin’ dogfight of a game, but with two and a

half minutes left to play Davis

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took over, making back-to-back jumpers and a pair of free throws to essentially ice the game.

Neither the Tigers nor the Purple Aces decided to put up much of a defensive struggle, opting instead for the unconventional strategy of letting their opponents online casino shoot

unhindered, perhaps in order to get the ball back more quickly and take a shot of their own. Both teams made just about 60 percent of their shots from the field. Evansville made half of its shots from downtown, an uncharacteristically sloppy performance from a Princeton defense that held opponents to roughly 33 percent from three.

Princeton will face the winner of Wednesday night’s game between Wofford and Pittsburgh, but Ivy League basketball fans ought to be watching the Penn/Quinnipiac contest to see if the Quakers can keep the impossible dream of an All-Ivy championship series alive. Doug Davis, on the night he scored his 1,000th point as a Tiger, made sure Princeton held up its end of the bargain.

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6 thoughts on “Princeton 95, Evansville 86; Tigers Advance to CBI Quarterfinals

  1. I hope Pete Carril was not watching this one. Rarely have the Tigers been successful in games where the opponent pretty much dictates the tempo the way Evansville did. Winning a game like this on the road in a very unfamiliar place is just remarkable. But if there is a player who can thrive in a game like this, other than the redoubtable Colt Ryan, it is Doug Davis. Thank goodness he chose Princeton, even knowing, I am sure, that he was not going to play in an offense that would depend upon him to score this way. For his sake I am glad he had a chance to have such a duel with a great opponent.
    I understand the tournament administrators can rework the brackets after the opening round. Any chance we might see Penn next?

  2. The tournament gets re-worked after the quarters, so Princeton could get Penn in the semis or finals if both advance that far. Princeton will get the winner of tonight’s Pitt-Wofford game next. If Pitt wins, I assume they’ll play at Pitt. If Wofford wins, I don’t know what the plan would be, but I’d imagine Jadwin would have a shot at hosting.

  3. Thank you. How much did Penn pay to host a first rounder? I guess leading the Ivy League in attendance is an achievment not without reward.

    • Yes, Mr. Toothless Penn paid approximately $35,000 to host thef first round. However there is a guaranteed refund if they play the Tigers. (just kidding). I hope it comes to pass. Win or lose it would unforgettable.

      The AQ

  4. An all P final would be great for the Ivies and for P fans. It would also send a message that the NIT is a joke — as much controlled by the power/money conferences as the NCAA.

  5. Mike Kern, a writer for the Daily News in Philadelphia, has posted an article on (3/16/12) in which Bilsky explains how he raised the money to host two games in the CBI. I applaud the Penn supporters who made this happen. It’s great for the League, great for the city, and, most of all, great for Quaker basketball. I hope the Tigers can survive on the road, where they have played 19 of their 31 games. If by some miracle the rubber match happens…it’s just too much to hope for!!!!

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