On the Vine – Feb. 26

Check out our archive of the latest On the Vine podcast, in which Caleb Miller of the Brown Daily Herald and IHO writers George Clark and Robert “Crimson” Crawford join Peter Andrews & Mike Tony to cover the latest Ivy action. Segments include reflections on what went wrong for Yale vs. Columbia, who belongs on the 2014-15 All-Ivy first and second-teams, and predictions on who will prevail in this weekend’s matchups:

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  1. Seems to me that the discussion I listened to this morning was very similar to the nonsense I heard last year in regard to Ivy League Honors. I agree with what I heard as far as the 1st Team All Ivy with Miller, Sears, Duren, Lo and Saunders. Then comes the nonsense in trying to select your second team.

    There are 4 players in the Top 20 in Scoring, Rebounds and Assists in overall play. Saunders, Duren, Lo and Cherry. Specifically for Cherry if this play continues would be two consecutive years with those numbers. Last year the other three were All Ivy and this year the other three again will be All Ivy. Cherry however in your view does not even deserve discussion. However this year Cornell appears to be much improved over Dartmouth, Brown, Penn and only one game behind Columbia with 4 games to go. Could Cornell deliver two players with All Ivy Status? If not one is for certain! also for certain is that Cornell will not end up at the Bottom of the Ivy’s as many of you had predicted.

    • Thank you for commenting, the top 20 stat on Cherry does reflect his versatility. I mentioned Mitola because to me he’s the biggest lock as a second-teamer, but Cherry does deserve serious consideration there as well. If he doesn’t make it, it’ll be because of his comparatively low shooting percentage and turnovers, but he’s very exciting to watch and has been so critical to Cornell’s improvement this season.

      Off the top of my head, here would be my All-Ivy first-team and second-team rankings, which could still change substantially with two weekends of play left:

      1. Wesley Saunders
      2. Justin Sears
      3. Maodo Lo
      4. Shonn Miller
      5. Javier Duren

      6. Alex Mitola
      7. Gabas Maldunas
      8. Siyani Chambers
      9. Devin Cherry
      10. Kyle Castlin

    • Val — thanks for your comment and for listening to the show!

      I would agree that Cherry deserves consideration for 2nd team All-Ivy. Part of the difficulty, I think, is that there’s a very clear-cut 1st team and then a broader group in contention for 2nd team. Off-hand, I’d suggest Maia, Kuakumensah, Castlin, Cherry, Mitola, Maldunas, Chambers, Mondou-Missi, Brase, Weisz, and Hicks are all in that second group.

      Eleven players for just five spots will be hard to whittle down, and we weren’t able to cover all of them in just a ten-minute discussion yesterday.

  2. Those of us who participated in this week’s Podcast owe Val Cherry a response for the Comment regarding the discussion of All-Ivy team possibilities. To me the fact that someone is actually out there listening to our “nonsense” and cares enough to comment on it is a total surprise. I therefore respectfully suggest to my colleagues that Devin Cherry be placed on the IHO All-Ivy Second Team for 2014-2015. (In all fairness, I’m only here because I’m the Tigers’ guy and they needed one. Andrews and Tony are supposed to be “the experts.”) I write this after the Big Red dealt a devastating blow to the Crimson’s title chances last night, just as they did to my Tigers at Newman a week or so ago.
    Cornell’s turnaround is historic, maybe not like the 1969 Mets, but remarkable in any event. While I would not have been surprised if Bill Courtney had not survived last year’s debacle, I must say he is a candidate for Coach of the Year in 2014-15.
    The road to a third place finish in the Ivy League runs through Jadwin next week, as both the Big Red and the Lions visit the Tigers on the final weekend of the year. Val Cherry: if you are there you can thank me in person!


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