On the Vine – March 3

Check out our archive of the latest On the Vine podcast, in which Ivy League Associate Executive Director Scottie Rodgers and Big Apple Buckets Editor-in-Chief John Templon join Peter Andrews & Mike Tony to cover the latest Ivy action. Segments include reflections on what went wrong for Harvard at Cornell, momentum in favor of having an Ivy conference tournament, postseason (and potential playoff) previews and predictions on who will prevail in this weekend’s Yale-Harvard matchup:

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  1. Conference tournament proposal resurfaces every few years or so….Last time was 4-5 years ago when coaches were reportedly unanimously in favor. AD’s voted it down by a substantial margin. Since 5 teams went somewhere last season it might make sense to have a tournament so Princeton, for instance, would not have to schlep to New Orleans, Fresno and Evansville, which has happened recently, to play post-season basketball. Maybe top 4 teams play for Ivy title?
    It was amusing to listen to Mr Rogers, of the Ivy League office, dance around the AI question. No one wants to talk about it. No one knows how it works or how it’s enforced or even if it’s enforced.


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