April Fools: Baylor’s Taurean Prince teaches Cornell how to rebound

Cornell Athletics announced Friday it had “hired”* Taurean Prince to teach Cornell how to rebound, a move by Cornell Athletic Director Andy Noel that was widely applauded by Cornell basketball followers since Cornell finished comfortably last in offensive and defensive rebounding among all Ivies last season.

Cornell is in between coaches right now, so Noel took it upon himself to invite Prince, who walked a reporter through the meaning of rebounding a basketball after Baylor lost to Yale in the NCAA Tournament.

Prince told reporters Friday that Cornell’s players hadn’t yet learned how to grasp the ball as it caroms off the rim or backboard, not accustomed to the “grabbing” part that Prince memorably emphasized after Baylor’s first-round loss to Yale. But Prince said the Big Red players would continue to work on it until they got it right, which he estimated might come in the second or third season of the next coach’s tenure.

Noel did admit that Prince and Cornell freshman guard Matt Morgan got into a scrap after Prince got upset when Morgan kept beating him in one-on-one games in between rebounding sessions.


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