Former Dartmouth standout Evan Boudreaux to attend Xavier in 2018-19

Former Dartmouth forward Evan Boudreaux announced Monday he will attend Xavier next year, as both a real person and a cartoon, apparently.


Boudreaux announced last month he would sit out the 2017-18 season to graduate a year early from Dartmouth with two years of eligibility left, a huge blow to the Big Green since he ranked second in the Ivy League in scoring, first in rebounding and second in minutes played as a sophomore last season.

7 thoughts on “Former Dartmouth standout Evan Boudreaux to attend Xavier in 2018-19”

  1. Good for Evan. Xavier was just ranked in the top 10 in the lateat poll so he is joining a very strong program. He will do well there and we should all wish him success as as past Ivy player. Despite the disappointment that he won’t be in the Ivy League it speaks well to our talent. Good luck!

  2. That is what the world has become. The joy of playing has been replaced by the need to play for a winner. I am sure Xavier will offer him a degree with the same relevance as Dartmouth. Oh wait, college is no longer about education. I am sick of transfers. I feel sicker when they leave an ivy league school for a basketball power.
    Good riddance.

  3. So Al, I guess you’ve never left a job for a better one? You know, one with more money, better title, better chance of advancement, better co-workers, and a better company? I’m betting you have. I’m also pretty sure that you didn’t forego the aforementioned positives for the “joy of working” in a lesser job. I am 100% certain that Boudreaux will have much more “joy” playing with an Ivy League degree in his pocket, the opportunity to play TWO YEARS for one of the best coaches in the country, the opportunity to play with skilled teammates, the opportunity to play for a team that has a high probability of making the NCAA tourney, and the opportunity to showcase his excellent skills in an excellent league called the BIG EAST. And a paid-for Masters Degree to boot. Or maybe you’re suggesting his two years of Ivy EXPERIENCE with TWO poor coaches and poor-mediocre teammates and an awful two year losing record is irrelevant and he should forego all the previously stated positives of transferring and stay stuck in the mud of a perennially bottom four program for the good of…..what? School spirit? Team camaraderie? If you’ve watched Dartmouth at all this year with our awful coaching and playing, I’m fairly certain Boudreaux would not be feeling any “joy in playing” had he stayed. You only get four years of NCAA eligibility in your whole life. What specifically are you suggesting Boudreaux should have done?? I think his move to graduate a year early, sit out this season, retain two years of eligibility, and play for a school with a winning culture is a genius move! So did a ton of high major coaches according to recruiting reports. Regarding injured players, if the Ivy League doesn’t want people to transfer out, then they should allow Graduate Degree players the opportunity to play. They don’t. We’re the only D1 league that has this archaic rule. Until they change the rule, ANY kid that gets hurt (medical red-shirt equivalent)and misses a year is going to leave. They have no choice if they want to keep playing basketball. Back to this specific Boudreaux scenario: Boudreaux is the big winner and for many reasons, Dartmouth is the big loser. Go Big Green….

  4. Really. He’s graduating in three years to play at a powerhouse. Your sentiment is petty and small minded. Good for him I say. Gets an ivy degree and can play for a top 10 team. That’s a huge accomplishment.

  5. Graduates in three years and can play at a higher level. Sounds like a winning strategy to me. Why begrudge a kid who made a decision that optimizes his future. More power to him in my opinion.

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