Q&A with Yale coach James Jones

James Jones says his Yale squad has played at a high level in recent games and that Jordan Bruner is “ahead of schedule” in his rehabilitation. (Pitt LiveWire)

Richard Kent of Ivy Hoops Online connected with Yale coach James Jones for insight into how Yale has moved on after losing Jordan Bruner and Makai Mason to injury (the former for the season). 

Ivy Hoops Online: Perhaps no coach in the country this season has been forced to employ the next man up strategy as much as you. How difficult has that been?
James Jones: We’ve worked hard to get the young players in our program ready so when their number is called they will be ready.  This year has been no different, we’re just using more of our bench players than we normally would.

IHO: Your team really seemed to click against Lehigh (in an 86-77 road win). Was that your best performance to date?
JJ: Several games this season we’ve been able to play at a high level.  I’d say Lehigh (Dec. 6), St Bonaventure (a 75-67 road loss on Dec. 9) and Kennesaw State (an 89-74 road win on Dec. 30) were all played at about the same level.

IHO: You now have Brown twice in a row, as in many years. What have you seen from them to date?
JJ: I (haven’t) really started to scout Brown as of yet, I’ve seen them a few times though.  Brandon Anderson and the freshman (Desmond) Cambridge are both playing at a high level.

IHO: How is Jordan Bruner doing in his rehabilitation? (Bruner reportedly underwent surgery in November to repair a torn meniscus.)
JJ: Jordan looks great, his rehab is ahead of schedule and he’s in great spirits.

IHO: You have had perhaps the most rigorous Ivy schedule to date, what can we look at next season in terms of your opponents?
JJ: We will play California in China to open the season, and we have Memphis and Miami on the schedule.   We’ll probably add two more high major games.

IHO: Is there an Ivy team who has surprised you to date?
JJ: Not really.

IHO: You added local product Tobe Carberry to your assistant staff. What have been his roles with the team since signing on?
JJ: Tobe has great energy and expertise, he’s done a great job for us so far adding on and off the court to our program.


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