Ivy hoops figures continue to speak out against racial injustice and killings of black people

The Ivy hoops community has continued to protest against the injustice that black people face in America in the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis officer while three other officers stood last Monday.

Harvard men’s hoops 2018 grad Chris Egi was the subject of a SportsNet feature Tuesday highlighting the Markham, Ontario native’s drive to launch the No More Names campaign, a fundraising and awareness building organization aiming for criminal injustice and police brutality.

Rising Princeton men’s senior forward Elijah Barnes marched through his hometown of Freehold, N.J., Tuesday, protesting the killing of George Floyd and reflected on how his life has shaped his perspective on the importance of social and racial justice in an Asbury Park Press story Thursday. Barnes attended a youth police academy in Freehold at 12 and told the Asbury Park Press he wanted to be a police officer growing up but decided he would be “better off not being part of the system, but being part of the change around that system” after George Zimmerman was acquitted on murder charges in the 2012 shooting of Trayvon Martin.

“If you’re posting on social media, posting a black square on your account, I respect what you’re trying to do, I respect that you want to be a part of it, but if you’re going to be a part of it I would like to see you sign a petition for George Floyd, donate money, walk around arm in arm with me,” Barnes said. “If you’re not going to stand up outside of posting something on your social media, are you really making a difference?”

Julia Nweke, mother of incoming Princeton women’s basketball Class of 2024 member Chetanna Nweke, posted a harrowing artwork created by her daughter on Twitter Tuesday:

Rising Penn senior Jelani Williams gives his account of the deeply disturbing gassing of peaceful protesters near the White House Monday to make way for President Donald Trump’s photo op.

Yale men’s basketball James Jones commented on America’s history of killings of black people:

Columbia men’s basketball coach Jim Engles:

A statement from Columbia men’s basketball:

Dallas Wing and Princeton women’s hoops 2020 graduate Bella Alarie:


Cornell men’s hoops 2019 graduate Matt Morgan:

Harvard men’s hoops 2019 graduate Weisner Perez:


Rising Dartmouth men’s hoops junior Garrison Wade:

Colgate men’s basketball assistant coach and former Penn hoops standout Mike Jordan:

Yale men’s hoops 2016 graduate and German Basketball Leaguer Justin Sears:

Brown men’s basketball coach Mike Martin voiced support for making this fall’s Election Day, Nov. 3, a NCAA mandatory off-day to encourage players to vote, a measure garnering support on Twitter:


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