April Fools: Ivy League approves four-point line for next season despite Columbia’s objections

Jim Engles shopping for stilts for Mike Smith.


The Ivy League Presidents approved a plan late Friday night presented by a subcommittee of athletic directors honoring the coaches’ desire to institute a four-point line in league play starting next season.

The four-point line will be implemented for conference play only as an experiment fervently wished for by the league’s coaches.

“We figured, since the league set a Pomeroy-era Division I record this year by taking 40 percent of our shots from three-point range this year, we think we’d know how to cash in from even deeper,” said Princeton coach Mitch Henderson, looking momentarily up from his KenPom account.

The four-point line will lie in the shape of an arc 30 feet back from the basket.

Ivy coaches are confident that Steph Curry’s popularity will eventually create a demand for a four-point line.

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