Composite Schedule by Metro Area

For the second straight year, I’ve created what I hope to be a helpful composite schedule by metro area. Many of us fans only get to see our teams when they roll through our cities or regions, so it’s nice to have all the games on one page!

The following is a comprehensive list of every basketball game involving an Ivy League team sorted by the metro area that each game is near. For the purposes of being reasonable, I tried to include everything under about two hours from a city’s center. Enjoy!


11/13, 7:30PM: Columbia vs. Haverford
11/13, 7:00PM: Princeton vs. Northeastern
11/16, 7:00PM: Princeton vs. Rutgers
11/17, 7:00PM: Columbia vs. Marist
11/28, 7:00PM: Princeton at Wagner
11/28, 7:00PM: Columbia at LIU Brooklyn
12/1, 7:00PM: Columbia vs. Bucknell
12/8, 2:00PM: Princeton vs. Drexel
12/15, 2:00PM: Princeton vs. Fordham
12/20, 7:00PM: Princeton vs. Rider
12/22, 4:00PM: Columbia vs. Elon
12/22, 7:00PM: Princeton vs. Bucknell
12/29, 4:00PM: Columbia vs. Manhattan
12/29, 4:00PM: Penn at Wagner
1/2, 7:00PM: Columbia vs. Colgate
1/5, 3:00PM: Columbia at Army
1/12, 6:00PM: Princeton vs. Penn
1/17, 7:30PM: Penn at NJIT
1/26, 7:00PM: Columbia vs. Cornell
1/27, 2:00PM: Princeton vs. TCNJ
2/1, 7:00PM: Princeton vs. Cornell
2/2, 6:00PM: Princeton vs. Columbia
2/8, 7:00PM: Princeton vs. Brown
2/8, 7:00PM: Columbia vs. Dartmouth
2/9, 6:00PM: Princeton vs. Yale
2/9, 7:00PM: Columbia vs. Harvard
2/22, 7:00PM: Columbia vs. Princeton
2/23, 7:00PM: Columbia vs. Penn
3/1, 7:00PM: Columbia vs. Yale
3/1, 7:00PM: Princeton vs. Harvard
3/2, 7:00PM: Columbia vs. Brown
3/2, 7:00PM: Princeton vs. Dartmouth



11/9, 7:00PM: Harvard vs. MIT
11/16, 7:30PM: Harvard vs. Manhattan
11/21, 7:00PM: Brown vs. Bryant
11/24, 2:00PM: Brown vs. St. Francis (NY)
11/27, 7:00PM: Harvard vs. Vermont
11/29, 7:00PM: Brown vs. Sacred Heart
12/1, 1:00PM: Harvard vs. Fordham
12/1, 1:00PM: Brown at UNH
12/4, 7:00PM: Harvard at Boston College
12/5, 7:00PM: Yale at Bryant
12/7, 7:00PM: Harvard at Uconn
12/8, 1:00PM: Yale at New Hampshire
12/8, 4:00PM: Dartmouth at Holy Cross
12/11, 7:00PM: Harvard vs. Boston U
12/22, 2:00PM: Harvard vs. Holy Cross
12/22, 1:00PM: Cornell at Boston U
12/22, 1:00PM: Dartmouth at Bryant
12/28, 7:00PM: Brown vs. Providence
12/31, 2:00PM: Dartmouth at Boston College
1/4, 7:00PM: Brown at URI
1/4, 7:00PM: Yale at Holy Cross
1/5, 4:00PM: Harvard vs. Rice
1/8, 7:00PM: Columbia at Holy Cross
1/12, 2:00PM: Brown vs. Daniel Webster
1/19, 7:00PM: Brown vs. Yale
1/26, 2:00PM: Harvard vs. Darmouth
2/1, 7:00PM: Harvard vs. Yale
2/2, 7:00PM: Harvard vs. Brown
2/15, 7:00PM: Brown vs. Columbia
2/15, 7:00PM: Harvard vs. Penn
2/16, 6:00PM: Brown vs. Cornell
2/16, 7:00PM: Harvard vs. Princeton
2/22, 7:00PM: Brown vs. Harvard
2/23, 6:00PM: Brown vs. Dartmouth
3/8, 7:00PM: Harvard vs. Columbia
3/8, 7:00PM: Brown vs. Penn
3/9, 6:00PM: Brown vs. Princeton
3/9, 5:30PM: Harvard vs. Cornell



11/9, 7:00PM: Penn vs. UMBC
11/12, 7:00PM: Yale at St. Joe’s
11/17, 4:00PM: Penn vs. Drexel
11/20, 7:00PM: Columbia at Villanova
11/20, 7:30PM: Harvard at St. Joe’s
11/28, 7:00PM: Penn vs. Binghamton
12/8, 8:00PM: Penn vs. Villanova
12/21, 7:00PM: Penn at Delaware
1/5, 2:00PM: Penn at La Salle
1/8, 7:30PM: Penn vs. Lafayette
1/19, 5:00PM: Penn at St. Joe’s
1/23, 7:00PM: Penn at Temple
2/1, 7:00PM: Penn vs. Columbia
2/2, 7:00PM: Penn vs. Cornell
2/8, 7:00PM: Penn vs. Yale
2/9, 7:00PM: Penn vs. Brown
3/1, 7:00PM: Penn vs. Dartmouth
3/2, 6:00PM: Penn vs. Harvard
3/12, 7:30PM: Penn vs. Princeton



11/10, 12:00PM: Cornell vs. Western Michigan
11/11, 2:00PM: Brown at Binghamton
11/14, 7:00PM: Cornell vs. St. Bonaventure
11/16, 8:00PM: Cornell vs. St. Peter’s College
11/21, 7:00PM: Princeton at Syracuse
11/28, 7:00PM: Cornell vs. Stony Brook
12/1, 4:00PM: Cornell vs. Colgate
12/30, 2:00PM: Cornell at Binghamton
1/2, 7:00PM: Cornell vs. Bucknell
1/12, 2:00PM: Cornell vs. The College at Old Westbury
1/19, 3:00PM: Cornell vs. Columbia
2/8, 7:00PM: Cornell vs. Harvard
2/9, 7:00PM: Cornell vs. Dartmouth
2/22, 7:00PM: Cornell vs. Penn
2/23, 7:00PM: Cornell vs. Princeton
3/1, 7:00PM: Cornell vs. Brown
3/2, 7:00PM: Cornell vs. Yale


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