ALL FOOLS’ DAY: Harvard awards Tommy Amaker honorary degree

Harvard announced Tuesday that Tommy Amaker will receive an honorary degree from the university.

Amaker will be awarded a Doctor of Sports for his excellence in recruiting, the university announced.

“We’ve created a Doctor of Sports just for Tommy Amaker because of the outstanding success he’s brought to our men’s basketball program,” Harvard President Drew Gilpin Faust said in a statement. “He just wins, baby.”

“The best thing about this honor is we’ve won the right way,” Amaker said. “We don’t fudge things around here. That makes this honor all the more satisfying.”

It's all about the Benjamins for Penn Basketball


Ben Franklin AQ 2One of the most august positions in world economics is held by Penn’s founder, Benjamin Franklin.  This is because besides being the consummate Penn Man —philosopher, humorist, inventor, publisher, Ambassador to France, politician, author, scientist and, of course, whoremaster — Big Ben’s portrait graces the front of the $100 bill.  As the Ivy basketball season winds down with Pennsylvania”s once equally august hoops program firmly in the cellar, Penn President Amy Gutmann should reach into her $9.6 billion endowment, pull out a hundy, and take note.

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