ALL FOOLS’ DAY: Donahue to host ‘Donahue’

Penn announced Wednesday that new head basketball coach Steve Donahue will be hosting a new show to be broadcast weekly on the Penn Sports Network.

The show will be called “Donahue” and held at the Palestra, where it will adopt a talk show format in which Donahue will hold discussions with relevant guests about previously taboo topics concerning Penn Athletics, including declining game attendance, lack of player development in recent years, President Amy Gutmann’s commitment to the program and declining game attendance.

The show will feature a live audience consisting of Penn basketball fans seated in the Palestra stands. Donahue said he will get as much audience commentary as possible by soliciting the opinions of audience members during segments not focused on discussions with guests, which will include Penn basketball alumni, season-ticket holders and Penn Provost Vincent Price. Other special guests will include Steve Bilsky, Glen Miller and Gutmann herself to talk with audience members about the state of the Penn basketball program, as moderated by Donahue, who will simply whistle to indicate time has run out for a discussion.

“I can lead these discussions with Penn fans because I’m a nice guy,” Donahue said.

“I very much look forward to talking with supporters of our basketball team about the state of the program, as does President Gutmann,” Price said.

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