ALL FOOLS’ DAY: Kyle Smith reminds us that Columbia played Kentucky close for a while

Kyle Smith reminded reporters Wednesday that Columbia jumped out to a 11-0 lead at still-undefeated Kentucky at Rupp Arena and led for nearly 27 minutes before losing to the Wildcats, 56-46.

“Hey, do you guys remember that game?” Smith said. “That was awesome, right? 11-0!”

Smith also let slip that the Lions will play at Kentucky, Michigan State, Duke and Wisconsin.

“I promise you, we will play our hearts out in those games come next season,” Smith said. “And we’ll make everybody forget about finishing 5-9 in conference play this year.”

Smith elaborated on the importance of stellar nonconference play.

“When the national spotlight is on you, you better give the powerhouses your best shot,” Smith said. “And that means charming all the national reporters with your southern drawl and quick wit, impressing people with how you’re able to slow the pace of the game to a disgusting crawl for roughly 20 minutes and making people realize that Ivy Leaguers can play basketball too, even if they’re from Columbia.”

When asked about the team’s prospects for next season’s Ivy slate, Smith changed the subject.

“Cameron Indoor! Rupp again! Madison freakin’ Wisconsin!” Smith said. “It doesn’t get any better than that, and when next season is over, it’s those trips that I’m going to remember most. Certainly not an uglyfest at Newman Arena.”

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