A Far Too Comprehensive and Ridiculous Columbia Season Preview, Part 4

By Peter Andrews and Sam Tydings

Maodo Lo Space Jam

In this scenario, Alex Rosenberg is Bill Murray.

Maodo Lo Lakers

I really hope Alex is better than Nash was with the Lakers.

Maodo Lakers 2

I really hope Maodo has a better season than Kobe.

Season Predictions

Peter: I have learned over the years that unbridled enthusiasm about Columbia is typically rewarded with disaster. The Lions should have the deepest team in the league, led by one of the two best players in the Ivies, and are perfectly poised to make a run at their first title in nearly 50 years.

So my public prediction is that they will go 3-11. I eagerly look forward to watching this team prove me wrong.

Miles: 11-3, The Lions will lose in the first round of the NCAA Tournament to UNLV.

Sam: When making a prediction about Columbia athletics, expect them to disappoint you. This season is set up for an Ivy title more so than any season in perhaps the last 25 years given their roster, the exceptional players on other teams that graduated this past May, and what appears to be a down year for Harvard. For some reason I can’t shake the fact that Columbia will be right there with a shot at the title and fall just short. The Lions will go 11-3 and settle for being the first Ivy team since 2011 to participate in the postseason NIT.

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