Behind Enemy Lines: Q&A with BC Interruption’s Arthur Bailin

With Harvard’s matchup at Boston College less than 24 hours away, it’s time to go behind enemy lines with Arthur Bailin, hoops writer at BC Interruption, the SB Nation Washington Huskies community.

Ivy Hoops Online: The Eagles came into this season with nine vacant roster spots. Is there anything resembling a general rotation around senior guard Eli Carter and freshman guard Jerome Robinson yet, and what are general expectations for the team this season?

BC Interruption: would say that they both have really good chemistry when they are on the floor. Both are bona fide scorers that are a threat whenever they are on the floor. They complement each other really well. For example, last Thursday night Eli Carter had a lot of trouble from the field in the first half. Jerome Robinson was able to keep BC afloat and when Carter caught fire in the second BC was solid. They complement each other really well, and that gives them dangerousness.

IHO: Harvard had beaten Boston College six straight times before last season’s 64-57 overtime loss to the Eagles, in no small part due to the fact that the Eagles outscored the Crimson 38-16 in the paint. What does BC’s interior offensive attack look like this season?

BCI: In that CCSU game, BC outscored CCSU 36-26 in the paint. I’d like BC to be better in the paint, but they certainly have the ability to score in the paint. They seem to be getting more of their points from mid-to-long range this year. This will be a different type of game in my opinion compared to last year. But the sample size isn’t particularly big.

IHO: Harvard has relied on three-point shooting from guards Corey Johnson, Tommy McCarthy and Corbin Miller, with 28 percent of its made field goals coming from those three from three-point range. How strong do the Eagles have the potential to be defensively overall this season, and what should Crimson fans expect from BC on that end of the floor?

BCI: BC had a lot of trouble giving up open looks from beyond the arc against Bentley and St. Francis. It didn’t jump out at me against CCSU, but it is something to look out for. The thing is, this is BC’s first big test against a competitive team, so it will be the first chance to see how the team plays defensively against comparable competition. This is a really young team, and a lot of players are hitting the floor for the first time this season, so its tough to answer that question.

IHO: How soon into the game Sunday afternoon are we going to get the “safety school” chant, and what do you expect the atmosphere at Conte Forum to be like for this one?

BCI: HA! Hopefully they don’t do that. I think I remember smatterings of that chant from some students last year, but I think it is a really dumb chant for any school. Focus on the game.

I don’t think Conte will have that great a crowd. The fact that the game is on a Sunday doesn’t help things in terms of student attendance. I expect somewhere in the range of 2,500 subdued fans.

IHO: KenPom predicts BC will defeat Harvard, 69-63, the same score that the Crimson lost to UMass by in their previous contest. What’s your game prediction?

BCI: I’m going to stick to my predictions from Thursday, and say that the Eagles will win 55-51. I do think this will be the Eagles most competitive game to date, though that isn’t saying a whole lot. I will say that Eli Carter can’t have another slow start. He can’t wait until the second half to make a shot from the floor.