April Fools: Makai Mason wakes from nightmare of Grayson Allen tripping him again

Makai Mason's best friend learns how to stick his foot out.
Makai Mason’s best friend learns how to stick his foot out.
Despite a more national profile after a win in the Big Dance, Yale sophomore guard Makai Mason hasn’t been able to enjoy his time back on campus, according to reports.
According to a source close to the team, Mason has been having consistent nightmares about the Elis’ NCAA Tournament loss to Duke in Providence, R.I., and specifically about Duke sophomore guard and all-around good sport Grayson Allen tripping him in the game.

As soon as Mason returned home from Providence, the sleeping troubles began. At first, Mason was simply reliving the game and would be jolted awake as he fell face-first to the court. Reports claim Mason asked his girlfriend whether he was heading to the free throw line, prompting an incredulous look as his girlfriend told him the game had ended days ago.

However, over time, the nightmares took on new forms. Instead of facing Duke, Mason began to see the Monstars, now led by Allen instead of Muggsy Bogues. The Allen Monstar proceeded to injure Mason’s best friend, Tweety Bird, before stepping on Mason, just as the sophomore woke up.
The sleeping troubles have affected Mason’s relationships. His teammates have distanced themselves as they too try to move on from the loss.
In a desperate move earlier this week, Mason begged senior Justin Sears to let him sleep at the foot of his bed until the nightmares stopped.
At press time, Mason had just woken up from a nap, screaming for another foul call.

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