April Fools: Tommy Amaker lectures Mike Krzyzewski, says he’s happy at Harvard

Tommy Amaker ponders how much he enjoys eating fruit salad in the suite at Lavietes Pavilion.
Tommy Amaker ponders how much he enjoys the aura of Lavietes Pavilion.

In a phone call recorded by the Friends of Harvard Basketball and forwarded to Ivy Hoops Online, Harvard coach and Duke alum Tommy Amaker lectured longtime Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski and said he was happy coaching the rest of his career at Harvard.

In the wake of Krzyzewski’s apology for comments he made to Oregon’s Dillon Brooks after Duke lost to Oregon in the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament, Krzyzewski, who coached Amaker at Duke, called Amaker, initially to apologize for trying to convince him not to go to Harvard in 2007.

“You think you know what’s best for everybody, that’s the problem,” Amaker told Krzyzewski. “You couldn’t fathom me coaching at Harvard after I left Michigan because you wanted me back at Duke. You said I was rushing into things. You said I wouldn’t have the staff, the budget, the facilities, or the support I’ve had in other places.”

“Yes, but…” Krzyzewski started.

“But I like it here,” Amaker said. “My wife’s on the faculty here, I’m recruiting top 10 classes and I’m coaching the best school in the country, and I’m a lot closer to my favorite ShopRite in Trenton than I would be away from the east coast. That’s why I thought that rumor that one crazy blog (Ivy Hoops Online) and that dirty website (HoopDirt) heard was so crazy. I was never in Palo Alto, I was enjoying the beautiful carpet in my office and appreciating that my team plays in the best gym in Division I.”

“Well, I don’t know about that, but I get it…” Krzyzewski said.

“I love you coach, but ease up on all the meddling,” Amaker said. “I’m a grateful Harvard guy.”

“I’d like you to be my successor when I retire in five years,” Krzyzewski replied.

“Where do I sign?” Amaker said.

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