April Fools: Georgetown rejects Princeton offense, Amaker rejects Georgetown

The Princeton offense actually pulled off an upset against Georgetown last Thursday, as John Thompson III was fired by GU.

Despite a body of work that included 13 years of overall winning (65.3 percent winning clip), no scandals, and a highly respectable family tradition, Georgetown decided it couldn’t stand watching the Princeton offense anymore.

So the Hoyas kicked Thompson out the backdoor, opening another door for Tommy Amaker to shrug his shoulders at. After turning Boston College down in 2014  and responding to interest from Vanderbilt and Stanford by even more aggressively not wearing ties at Harvard, Amaker was tempted to take the Georgetown job for a few seconds until he realized that he was perfectly happy botching lineups at Harvard.

“Much like Zena Edosomwan, Georgetown’s an option I can forget about pretty quickly,” Amaker said.

After Amaker gave former Duke roommate Mike Brey the keys to beating Princeton (flail around on offense in the final two minutes and hope Princeton doesn’t make any open threes) in the NCAA Tournament, he decided to have a little fun.

Content to look forward to getting the opportunity to copy and paste his exclamation points in exactly the same places season after season after season from his Wi-Fi corner at Henrietta’s Table every spring, Amaker created multiple accounts on the Georgetown fan blog Casual Hoya, logging in as “FiveOnDalton” to suggest that Georgetown hire Allen Iverson as its next head coach and using his skill at using exclamation points to log in as “snaxahoya” and post, “NO! NO! NO!” to any consideration of the Hoyas hiring himself.

After he logged out, Amaker walked from his office to the GAP store, picked up a snazzy blue and gray tie on display. Then he remembered he had to give Professor Ronald S. Sullivan  back his copy of The Stranger, so he put the tie down and walked out of the store.

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