April Fools: Grant Mullins and Bill Walton are best friends now

Bill Walton and Grant Mullins be chillin’.

Bill Walton and Grant Mullins are kind of best friends now, they both realized Saturday while hanging out at Walton’s west coast pad.

Walton and the former Columbia standout first bonded on New Year’s Day during a postgame interview between the two for Pac-12 Network. After Mullins told Walton he needed to he needed to find more food spots in Berkeley, Walton showed him around the city, better known as the “cradle of civilization.”

The two have chatted often about Chinese culture since then. Mullins draws from his experiences playing for the Canadian Development Team at Four Nations Tournament in China in 2013 and Walton recalls the time he rode a high-speed train in Shanghai before Harvard’s game against Stanford there in November.

Occasionally, Walton will randomly praise Greg Ostertag or Mickey Hart’s drumming, but most of the time, the steady Mullins knows where his friend in tye-dye is coming from.

“I know all about Dennis Johnson now,” Mullins said. “It’s awesome.”

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