Q&A with Princeton assistant coach and recruiting coordinator Brett MacConnell

Ivy Hoops Online’s Richard Kent caught up with Brett MacConnell, an assistant coach and recruiting coordinator for Princeton. He is a Rutgers graduate and a long-time New Jersey resident.

Ivy Hoops Online: Tell us your thoughts about this most recent Princeton-Penn game?
Brett MacConnell: Penn was tougher. They dominated the paint. (Ryan) Betley wasn’t a surprise. We couldn’t get big stops at the end. We are a young team with some new guys.

IHO: How tough is it to get a student-athlete into Princeton?
BM: It is the power of Princeton. (It’s) the best school in the country. We hear about kids’ grades early on from all kinds of sources, including social media. Then we wait for the SAT and the ACT. They seem to follow closely kids’ grades.
IHO: What are your personal aspirations?
BM: Ultimately, I want to be a head coach, but those things are unpredictable and my focus is on doing the best job I can at Princeton.
IHO: You have now coached under Mitch Henderson and Brian Earl. How, if at all, are they different?
BM: They are very similar. They were both coached by coach (Pete) Carril and coach (Bill) Carmody. They were together for a number of years at Princeton.
IHO: Compare the Ivy this year with last.
BM: It is probably more balanced this year than last. I certainly hope that there won’t be any undefeated teams. Top to bottom it is tough.
IHO: You seem to recruit New Jersey well. Is that important to you?

BM: Yes, very much so. Being a New Jersey guy, I care about New Jersey. We have gotten some great players from New Jersey like Amir Bell and continue to recruit the state hard for top players.

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