Q&A with Yale coach James Jones

Ivy Hoops Online caught up recently with Yale coach James Jones.
Ivy Hoops Online: Please tell us about how Jordan Bruner is progressing after his injury last season (a torn meniscus that kept him out in for the entire 2017-18 campaign).
James Jones: Jordan is in great shape. He’s progressed well with his injury and is looking forward to returning to game action.

IHO: You have a group of talented freshmen. Do you expect them to get much playing time?
JJ: All of our freshmen have an opportunity to help us this season. It will mainly depend on how quickly they pick up our actions on both sides of the ball.
IHO: Have you seen, since your first days as Yale coach, as much strength throughout the Ivies as in this upcoming season?
JJ: The overall talent in the league has improved greatly over the years, as well as all the overall level of each team.
IHO: You open up in China against California on Nov. 9. How did that game develop?
JJ: We were approached by the Pac-12 with this once in a lifetime opportunity, and it was an experience we couldn’t pass on.

IHO: Tell us about a fun fact about your team.
JJ: We make sure we get everyone home at least once in their four years at Yale so they can play in their home state.
IHO: Will you be having a Blue Madness again and what will be the format?
JJ: Not sure. It’s still in the planning stage.
IHO: Since you started at Yale in 1999 and most recently the hockey and lacrosse teams at Yale have won National Championships. One might have argues 19 years ago that such was not possible. How has that winning culture been developed?
JJ: Tom Beckett, our former AD (athletic director), hired some really good, hard-working coaches who believe in the university and it’s mission for excellence.