Devin Cannady’s Magic moment

Devin Cannady scored 14 points in 14 minutes in three games for the Orlando Magic on a 10-day contract before the team released him Tuesday. (ATG MVP Sports Highlights)

In these turbulent times, it’s nourishing to witness a story of redemption and just reward.

Let us all then take in the latest chapter in Devin Cannady’s life.

Less than a month after being named NBA G League Finals MVP, the former Princeton men’s standout and 2020 graduate Devin Cannady signed a 10-day contract with the Orlando Magic and scored his first NBA points last week.


“It’s been a great feeling,” Cannady said of his opportunity after a team practice last week.

Cannady scored 14 points in 14 minutes in three games for Orlando before the team released him from his 10-day deal Tuesday.

The Mishawaka, Ind. native spent training camp and the preseason with the Orlando Magic in December and joined the Lakeland Magic at Disney for the G League’s condensed season, playing a key role in Lakeland winning its first championship in franchise history.

Cannady said his game kept improving throughout the truncated season.

“I’ve questioned some of the opportunities that I’ve had before me … why I didn’t have other opportunities, but I put my faith in [God], I trust that journey, I trust that process,” Cannady said. “I know the work that I put in, the amount of detail and focus that I put into this game.”

Cannady has come a long way since the abrupt end to his collegiate hoops career after being arrested in an off-campus convenience store in 2019, an incident that resulted in a plea agreement on one charge of being under the influence without a prescription, leading to Cannady serving 20 hours of community service and taking on his mental health issues.

Cannady finished his Princeton career as the program’s fifth-leading all-time scorer (1,515 points) and most accurate free throw shooter with at least 100 attempts (89.6%), and he was a crucial member of the 2016-17 Tigers squad that went 16-0 against Ivy League competition en route to the conference championship.

The Magic waiving Cannady from his 10-day deal doesn’t diminish the tremendous achievement that Cannady’s NBA moment was, is and may very well be again if preparedness meets opportunity for him. His race is far from over.