Q&A with Yale men’s basketball transfer Matt Knowling

Matt Knowling is headed for Southern California to be a Trojan. (Photo by Erica Denhoff)

Yale senior Matt Knowling, from Ellington, Conn. recently announced his decision to continue his basketball career as a graduate transfer at USC. Knowling was a First Team All-Ivy selection is 2022-23.

Ivy Hoops Online: Congrats on your decision on attending USC. How did it happen?

Matt Knowling: (Assistant) coach (Anthony) Ruta was recruiting me when he was at Arkansas with coach (Eric) Musselman. They continued to recruit me when they got the USC job earlier this month. I went out there on Thursday of last week, spent 45 minutes with coach Musselman and they offered.

IHO: I know that you grew up in Connecticut as a UConn fan and that Andrew Hurley (coach’s son) is your close friend. Did they recruit you?

MK: They did not. No conversations. They are at a different level. All for the best.

IHO: How much did USC know about you when they offered you?

MK:They knew a lot. They watched tapes of me. They had all of my KenPom numbers. They knew how I would look in their offense.

IHO: Do you know anyone on the team?

MK: I texted a lot with Clark Slajchert (Penn) who is also going there. I know him through George Smith at Penn. I also know Josh Cohen from UMass who is going there.

IHO: What will be your graduate program?

MK: Entrepreneurship in the business school (USC Marshall School of Business).

IHO: What other schools were you involved with?

MK: A lot with Loyola of Chicago and Richmond. I was contacted by about 30. Also, BC (Boston College) and Stanford. Stanford has a complicated admissions process.

IHO: Will USC play a different style than Yale?

MK: Yes. Coach Musselman coached in the NBA (Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings). More of an NBA offense. Quick sets. Five outs. Quick action.

IHO: Do you want to play basketball beyond college?

MK: It would have to be the right situation. The right country. USC will help prepare me, as I will be playing with a lot of NBA guys over the summer out there. I will be going out at the end of May.

IHO: Might USC play Yale next season?

MK: We didn’t talk about that, maybe a buy game. But I doubt it.

IHO: What are your thoughts about the Yale team next season?

MK: We will be really good. (Rising sophomore) Samson (Aletan) will make a jump. I’m excited to watch.