Official IHO Preseason Predictions

IHO Preseason Picks and Awards are here.


Without further ado, I present the official IvyHoopsOnline preseason predictions for the 2011-2012 season.

Predicted Order of Finish

1) Harvard

2) Yale

3) Penn

4) Princeton

5) Brown

6) Cornell

7) Columbia

8) Dartmouth


First Team All-Ivy:

Keith Wright

Greg Mangano

Ian Hummer

Zack Rosen

Brandyn Curry


Second Team All-Ivy

Jeremiah Kreisberg

Kyle Casey

Tyler Bernardini

Noruwa Agho

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Player of the Year: Greg Mangano

Rookie of the Year: Rafael Maia

All-Ivy Facial Hair: Conor Turley (Emeritus, full beard), Kenyatta Smith (mustache), Jeremiah Kreisberg (full beard)

All-Twitter Team: Keith Wright (unanimous), Dockery Walker, Michael Grace, Brian Barbour


Have at it in the comments below and tell us how we got it all wrong.

3 thoughts on “Official IHO Preseason Predictions”

  1. Not to pick too many nits, but Conor Turley has moved on, and is no longer at Penn. Does he qualify for your list anyway??

  2. I’d flip Penn and Princeton as well as Cornell and Columbia (Quakes and Red have no reliable post-players). Agho will probably nab 1st Team honors again even if Curry deserves it more.

  3. Nice job.

    IMO, Penn’s slipping past Princeton depends fully upon having Mike Howlett healthy during the league season. Though this has not happened during his first three years, it could this year. Aside from Ian Hummer, Princeton’s big guys look strictly like journeymen until they prove something more.

    Over the past few years, Brown’s play as a team has always been less than the sum of its parts. If Agel solves that problem, I agree with you that they can outduel Cornell for the top spot of the second division.

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