Too early for Ivy rankings?

  1. Harvard – Despite the narrow loss to Holy Cross, they are still the cream of the crop and merit the number one spot.
  2. Yale – The Bulldogs lost to Quinnipiac without Nick Victor and with him, probably would have beaten the Bobcats on the road.
  1. Princeton – The Tigers had a nice win over Rider led by Spencer Weisz, with 18 points.
  1. Brown – The Bears stand at 1-1 and despite a blow-out loss to Northwestern, they are a talented team with Cedric Kuakumensah at the forward spot.
  1. Columbia – Obviously the early season injury to star Alex Rosenberg did not help and the Lions fell to not that strong Stony Brook by one point on the road.
  1. Penn – Tony Hicks lit it up for 31 points in a narrow loss to Delaware State. Rider handled the Quakers easily last night.
  1. Cornell – The Big Red had a strong win on the road against George Mason in what can definitely be considered an upset, not to mention their comeback win over Colgate.
  1. Dartmouth – The Big Green were blown out by St. Bonaventure but showed some life on the boards, outrebounding their foes, 41-39.Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter (@IvyHoopsOnline).

4 thoughts on “Too early for Ivy rankings?”

  1. I’m with you, AQ! My way-too-early rankings would go:

    1. Harvard
    2. Yale
    3. Columbia (no respect for SBU above!)
    4. Brown
    5. Princeton
    6. Cornell
    7. Dartmouth
    8. Penn

  2. I agree with The AQ on this one, Richard. I really hurts to state this, but Penn is absolutely #8 at this time.

    Looking at tonight’s games, my list is:

    1. Harvard – Holy Cross has played very well in its first two games against Harvard and Brown.
    2. Yale – agree with your thought on Victor’s presence changing the result.
    3. Columbia – should have beat a good Stony Brook team on the road without Mullins and Petrasek. Solid win against a lesser Wagner.
    4. Brown – good win over St. Peters, but blowout losses against Northwestern at home and Holy Cross on the road.
    5. Princeton – positive win against Rider at home. Tough road loss at lesser A-10 George Mason. Really tough loss against a good Lafayette team.
    6. Cornell – equaled last year’s win total in one week, beat GM on the road, good home comeback win against lesser Patriot League Colgate team. decent almost comeback against lesser Patriot League Loyola. With the deep hole they were in before the season started, a strong #6 spot is a pretty huge deal for the Big Red.
    7. Dartmouth – blowout loss at St. Bonnie’s, close loss at Hartford. Tough week, but at least they are not the Quakers.
    8. Penn – limited offense, limited defense, limited depth; Two sad results with a strong Lafayette coming to town this weekend.

  3. No offense Richard, but I think the commentators are closer to the current truth.

    1) Harvard. They need to find more depth to fully live up to the hype, but they remain the heavy favorite even if they don’t.
    2) Yale. If they keep Duren and Sears healthy, they should be the best of the chase pack.
    3) Columbia. Before Rosenberg’s injury, I had the Lions as the league’s second best and saw them in the NIT. Beating Wagner as they should have keeps them top 3.
    4) Brown. The Bears are a work in progress.
    5) Princeton. The Tigers are probably 4th, and will improve once they get Koon back, but I feel I should knock them down a slot for losing to a team Cornell beat.
    6) Cornell. After last season, 6th is dizzying. The win over George Mason is the league’s best so far, but let’s not forget the loss to Loyola (Md.) is the league’s second worst.
    7) Dartmouth. Tough first week; I was really thinking they could stay in the game a little longer against Bona.
    8) Penn. Anything I would say would just be piling on.

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