On the Vine – Dec. 23 Episode

Crimson Crawford, Toothless Tiger, and Brown Daily Herald reporter Caleb Miller join Peter Andrews and Mike Tony to cover the latest Ivy action. Segments include Harvard’s blowout loss to Virginia, the meaning of Penn’s recent three-game winning streak, the evolution of Brown, Columbia coach Kyle Smith’s future and Princeton’s growing pains.

4 thoughts on “On the Vine – Dec. 23 Episode”

    • If Penn has a season anywhere close to as bad as the past two, then yes, his fate is sealed, or at least it probably should be. If Penn’s group of talented freshmen can (somehow) lift Penn to a winning record in Ivy play, then it could very well be another story.

      • As you said on the podcast, a 5-9 Ivy record would be amazing for Penn (as horrific as that seems). A 5-9 record will not save him and this result appears remote. However, the gist of what you are saying I agree with.


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