Yale will need help in the Ivy title race

Sure it was a strange game, but Yale survived and beat Princeton by a healthy margin on the road. They easily dismantled Penn the night before.
Harvard had more than trouble at home with Columbia on Friday night and was behind Cornell at the half on Saturday.
If the Ivies were decided by margin of victories, Yale would win the crown in March. Harvard has struggled with Columbia, Princeton and Brown. Yale has gone through its Ivy schedule with relative ease.
Notwithstanding Yale’s win last year at Harvard, the Crimson represent a bad matchup for the Bulldogs. The Crimson are good at locking down Justin Sears, rebound better than Yale and invariably win the point guard battle.
So what is the point? Simple: Yale will need some help to win the Ivies. That help should have come in the form of Brown in Providence, but Harvard came home there with an unlikely win.

The most likely candidate is Columbia on Feb. 28 in New York. Despite the Lions’ 0-2 weekend and surprise loss to Dartmouth, they are the very talented and play Harvard well. They are also as well-coached as any team in the Ivies.

This is not to say that Yale won’t have trouble with Columbia and Princeton at home, but look for the Elis to sweep the rest of their home games. They are playing at a very high level right now and have many more scoring options than any team in the Ivies.

It is easy to say that the Ivy title will be decided at Harvard in March. Don’t discount the possibility that it might happen the week before.

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  1. “If the Ivies were decided by margin of victories, Yale would win the crown in March.”

    What if they were decided by AI scores?


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