2014-15 IHO Tweets of the Year

The end of the season is finally upon us and almost all of the postseason awards have been handed out, both by the league and, far more importantly, on this website. The Player of the Year and All-IHO first and second-teams have received their due, but what about those who have contributed in other ways, meaning those who have specifically contributed 140 characters at a time?

Yes, it is finally time to reveal the Ivy League Tweets of the Year. The format chosen by our esteemed panel of judges (myself, Mike Tony and Peter Andrews) is one tweet by a player or about each team, then superlatives at the end. Without any further ado, let’s get to the tweets!


To be fair to Leland King, ESPN’s gametracker apparently said that Yale was up by one with 0.0 left, which they almost were. Leland was not the only person who had a quick trigger: Matt Norlander  COLUMBIA:  

Lo was already averaging 14.5 points on 46 percent shooting and 4.6 rebounds per game in Ivy play at this point, and he would only get hotter from there. Bow down to the Chairman, CBB.



Great work by the man whose layup at the buzzer ultimately led to Harvard dancing and Yale standing out in the cold.


Two things everyone can agree on: finals are bad, doing hood rat stuff with your friends is good. I guess that means Jonah Travis didn’t take any classes with take home finals. By the way, this will not be Mr. Travis’ only award this evening. PENN (TIE):

I don’t think these awards are much solace for the recently fired Jerome Allen, but it’s impossible not to reward parroting Marshawn Lynch quotes and holding a bronzed cup despite the Quakers’ rough season.


Princeton had an under-the-radar terrific season, only losing once to the non-Harvard/Yale teams in the league. That does not change the fact that Jadwin Gymnasium is hideous.


If Justin Sears said he didn’t get dunked on, then he did not get dunked on. It is decreed. (Except he did, hat tip to Kevin Whitaker.)



Seriously, who had Dartmouth finishing where they did in league play and in the postseason besides Michael James (@Ivybball)? (Well, maybe our Bruno March, albeit a little later.) Come forward and claim your prize. Also, you’re lying. You’re a lying liar.


I am very sure this was in jest but at the same time: predicting Columbia success is a fruitless endeavor. We’ve both been through this and we both should know better by now.


Related: In all seriousness, can we stop with the #2BidIvy stuff? It wasn’t happening this year and it’s probably never happening until the league adopts a postseason tournament, even then it will be a longshot judging by how the committee has treated mid-major bubble teams recently.


#4BidIvy. Once the Ivy League expands beyond eight teams, we can make this a reality.


The ball is tipped
And there you are
You’re running for your life
Then you stop in the lane on a fastbreak and pivot for some reason and get your shot blocked

– One Shining Moment’s less popular first draft (Yes, I used my own Vine.)


Jonah Travis

If we can all agree Justin Sears did not get dunked on earlier, then we must all agree that Ivy Hoops Online’s Miles Johnson got Twitter-dunked on by Jonah Travis, who retweeted Miles’ “Why Harvard Won’t Win the League” article just hours after Harvard defeated Yale in the playoff. That Travis held onto this article/tweet just for the sake of bringing it back if his team won the title is both ballsy and hilarious. Kudos for the takedown and thanks for reading IHO!

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  1. Well done indeed. I have no idea how you picked just one of CBB’s tweets.

    And I totally agree this #2bidivy stuff needs to stop. Other than Princeton in ’98, has there been an Ivy champ who realistically could have survived a tournament loss to still make the big show?

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