Princeton all-time moment No. 7: Goliath defeats David … barely

We’re counting down the top 10 moments in each Ivy school’s history as part of our Ivy League at 60 retrospective. We’re starting with Princeton because that’s where John Stockton was born. You know, New Jersey’s attorney general from 1877 to 1897.

The Tigers’ epic struggle as a No. 16 seed against the overall No. 1 seed Georgetown Hoyas in the 1989 NCAA Tournament simply must be included on this list. It is rather unusual to include a loss, and a heartbreaking one at that, on a highlight list. In the larger context of college basketball, however, it is almost impossible to overstate the significance of this contest. Last year, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the game, two extremely talented writers, Sean Gregory of Time Magazine and Alex Wolff of Sports Illustrated, chronicled the game. Gregory is a former Tiger player and Wolff has written, among other books, Big Game, Small World. We urge you to read “The Game that Saved March Madness”.