Ivy Preseason Media Poll puts Yale at top of league

Today’s release of the Ivy Preseason Media Poll yielded a predictably unpredictable outlook for the 2015-16 14-game tournament.

Yale was selected to finish first in the poll, garnering 117 points and five first-place votes. But by no means is there an Eli-favoring consensus here. Columbia and Princeton, finishing second and third in the poll respectively, each actually finished with more first-place votes (six) than Yale.

The Ivy League office’s roundup of various preseason projected orders of league finishes reflects a similar collective shrug in trying to predict how the 2015-16 slate will shake out. Athlon Sports, Lindy’s Sports Annuals and the Sporting News all project Yale finishing atop the league, while CBSSports.com anticipates a Columbia first-place run.

But five-time defending Ivy champion Harvard is projected to finish second in three of those preseason projections, while it’s slotted only fourth in the Ivy Preseason Media Poll itself. Hmm. Looks like parity in the top half of the league without recent parallel. Lions, Tigers and Bulldogs, oh my!

Rank School Points
1. Yale (5) 117
2. Columbia (6) 114
3. Princeton (6) 108
4. Harvard 96
5. Brown 54
6. Dartmouth 50
7. Penn 48
8. Cornell 25

What are your thoughts on the media poll? What’s your projected top three finish?

5 thoughts on “Ivy Preseason Media Poll puts Yale at top of league”

  1. 1. Yale 2. Princeton 3. Columbia 4. Harvard 5. Dartmouth 6. Penn 7. Brown 8. Cornell

    I think Yale will be driven to make sure there is no one-game playoff this year. I think Lo will be outstanding, but there are some question marks regarding Rosenberg, Mullins, and the team’s inside game.

    While Harvard may be having a relatively down year, and Cornell falls back a bit without Shonn Miller, it looks like another strong year for the entire conference.

    By the way, who are in the “select panel of media representatives” voting in this poll?

    • Hey rb! Columbia’s defense as a whole is a question mark as well, in addition to the ones you astutely listed.

      People way above my pay grade, haha.

  2. The return of reigning POY Justin Sears is the biggest factor favoring the Bulldogs in this polling. The defending co-champions still have a lot to prove and the motivation to do it. Columbia returns a sure-fire POY candidates in Maodo Lo AND Alex Rosenberg for Kevin Smith, who appears to be reaching his stride as an Ivy skipper. Losing 60% of last season’s minutes may be a blow even Harvard can’t overcome, although Amaker is one of those “we don’t recruit…we reload” guys. Princeton is very comfortable under the preseason radar, after a 9-5 campaign and wins against every team except H and Y. A two or three way tie at the top would not be a surprise. Mike: for all your work on IHO I believe your paygrade is way too low. Your compensation should be doubled!

  3. Strong league. Lots of experienced coaches and some excellent young coaches. A couple bottom teams could surprise ! Injury report anyone?


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