Q&A with Princeton coach Mitch Henderson

Editor’s Note: Our Toothless Tiger, George Clark, caught up with Princeton coach Mitch Henderson one-on-one at Jadwin Gym in late September for a comprehensive interview revealing what to expect from Princeton this season as the Tigers look to live up to their No. 1 Ivy preseason ranking. (Please excuse the technical difficulty separating Parts 1 and 2 – it’s presented intact because it demonstrates how gracious Henderson is and was in real time throughout the interview.)

Part 1

  • how Henderson feels about the Ivy postseason tournament and Penn’s potential for participating as host

Part 2

  • Henderson’s trust in former assistant and current Cornell head coach Brian Earl during games
  • what Kerry Kittles’ role is as a new assistant for Princeton
  • which Pete Carril quote from the 1991 Princeton media guide pertains to the 2016-17 Tigers
  • why Hans Brase is “the edge”
  • how Spencer Weisz has followed in T.J. Bray’s footsteps
  • what to look for from Princeton’s freshman class
  • what’s behind Princeton’s brutal nonconference schedule

2 thoughts on “Q&A with Princeton coach Mitch Henderson”

  1. Great interview TT!

    Mitch seems like such a nice guy, now I feel a little bad about constantly making fun of his hair.

    Nah….he’s still a chrome dome.

    The AQ

  2. Really enjoyable interview. Thanks TT!

    Loved the memory of Coach Carril noting Penn as “that school down south”. While the league has more parity and civility in the present, it does miss having polarizing people like Pete. His presence alone was enough to get opposing fans into a frenzy.

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