Q&A with current Baylor and former Yale standout Makai Mason

Makai Mason is averaging 13.2 points and 2.6 assists per game through his first five contests as a Baylor Bear after missing the first three games of the season with an ankle injury. (Baylor Athletics)
You must remember him. That incredible 31-point performance for Yale in the 2016 NCAA Tournament is hard to forget.
Then injuries took hold and he only saw action for Yale in one game last season, at Harvard. Well, he made quite an impression on Baylor coach Scott Drew en route to those 31 points, and Mason is now integral to the Baylor offense as a fifth-year player. He is averaging 30.8 minutes and 13.2 points per game, having scored 18 points in two different games for the Bears so far this season. IHO caught up with him recently.

Ivy Hoops Online: What are you getting your graduate degree in?
Makai Mason: Sports Management.

IHO: Is it difficult academically?
MM: It is a lot of busy work. But it does take a lot of my time.
IHO: How does the basketball differ at Yale and Baylor?
MM: There is so much more time spent on it at Baylor. Lots of required team activities and meetings. More pressure to win here. Plus, the Big 12 is very competitive.

How do Ivy players differ, if at all?
MM: Many have a huge desire to win, but also a lot of academic pressure.
IHO: Other than that, what separates the average Baylor player from the average Ivy player?
MM: The athleticism and physicality here is much greater.
IHO: What are your thoughts about the Ivy Tournament, even though you were never able to participate in it?
MM: I like it a lot. It is a big advantage to be at home.

Who is the most skilled Ivy player against whom you competed?
MM: Devin Cannady.
IHO: How about as a teammate at Yale?
MM: Justin Sears. He was so tough to guard. He also had a great touch and was very elusive as a player.
IHO: What was it like playing Duke your sophomore year?
MM: It was really cool. We played them twice and we could have beaten them both times.

Have you seen Yale play this year?
MM: I saw them play on TV at Miami. That was a really good win.

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