Inside Ivy Hoops 2-6-20

In the latest episode of Inside Ivy Hoops, Ivy Hoops Online editor Mike Tony is joined by IHO writer George Clark, and the two reflect on the first weekend of Ivy back-to-backs and look ahead to another weekend of pivotal women’s and men’s conference action.

Here is the link to vote for Dartmouth’s James Foye to receive the Senior CLASS Award, as mentioned toward the end of the podcast.

3 thoughts on “Inside Ivy Hoops 2-6-20”

  1. It is rather obvious that Harvard is the most talent in the league, but Amaker is in over his head vs Yale Princeton or Penn or about any other team in the country. Doubt they will be representing the Ivy league, even with the unnecessary, retarded tournament at home

  2. Think it is a sad commentary that both Penn Princeton games begin the Ivy schedule. The tournament is a sham. It is unnecessary. It takes away from tradition. It took a miracle for Princeton to beat Penn a few years back, which would have robbed the league of having one of its best teams of the last 20 years to represent the Ivies in the big tournament. Conference tournaments were initiated to generate money. They have proven a disaster for one bid leagues. The Ivies do not need the money. The tournament needs to disappear. The Penn Princeton rivalry than can bookend the season, as it should

  3. Finally, Yale is the best team in the Ivies, and no doubt Jones is a wizard, but they are not “Head and shoulders” above the rest of the league. They are by my numbers, which I assure you are fine, are only 1. 5 on neutral courts vs both Harvard and Penn and 3 over Princeton.

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